Classic Beauty With Every Shingle

Slate shingles are more than just a trend nowadays. They are an all-in-one solution that attracts a lot of homeowners because of their beauty. If you are new to slate roofing, you should know that slate tiles are completely fireproof which makes them one of the safest roofing styles out there.

In times when traditional roofing techniques have almost become extinct, slate roofing is a solid choice when it comes to longevity, quality and structural integrity.

Advantages of Slate Roofing

Since they are a natural stone product, slate shingles are known for a lot of upsides – most of which related to their appearance, style and classic looks. Below, we are listing most of them:

  • Appearance – As we said, homeowners are drawn to slate because of its beauty and classier, more celebrated appearance. There are many different choices with varied sizes and thicknesses, as well as a wide range of colors (gray, green, purple, black, red and mottled)
  • Longevity – Slate roofing is a great option because it is built to last at least a century. There are some examples of slate roofs which have lasted for 150 years. Generally, a slate roof will last up to 50-100 years before needing any replacement.
  • Fire Resistance – Slate shingles are among the most fire resistant roofs out there. Unlike many other materials, they are completely fireproof which is a big advantage when it comes to preventing fires caused by air-borne sparks.
  • Eco Friendly – In times when roofing waste accounts for more than 5% of the total waste sent to landfills every year, slate roofs are perfect because they are recycled and offer plenty of positive environmental impacts.

Durable And Effective, Slate Shingles Are A Classic Choice

Slate roofs are fire resistant nowadays and unlike many materials, are completely fireproof. Their weather resistance makes them perfect for application in many areas – and are another reason why they are worth the investment.

Aside from its weight and durability which can be challenging at times, slate roofing is a popular option that delivers a stunning look for years to come.

Now is the right time to get a slate roof and benefit from its beauty, longevity and fire resistant features.

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