The idea of replacing your old windows with new, modern ones may seem like a daunting and expensive task but there are several benefits. It is important to note that window replacement should be done when windows are showing some signs of wear and aging. These signs will be discussed later in this post. We understand how complicated windows replacement can be especially for non-professionals and that’s why we’re here to give you relevant and helpful information about replacing the windows of your homes. Preferred Home Improvement makes your life easier by helping you make the best decisions when it comes to windows replacement and some other home improvement services. With us, you’ll make the right decision for your home with the best quality and price.

Here are the common signs to tell that your windows need a replacement:

1. When they’re damaged, broken, or dilapidated

There are some situations that warrant repairing windows instead of entirely replacing them. Window repairing can be done if the damage on your window is minor. When your windows are broken, damaged or dilapidated, definitely you know it’s time for you to replace them with new ones. Do you see cracks on your windows? Does your window fogs up or get stiff when you’re attempting to open? Do they make unusual noise when you attempt to open or close it? If the answers to any of these questions are yes, then you know your windows need replacement.
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2. Frame decay and leaky windows

This is one the obvious signs that your windows need replacement. Over time, your window frames would get decay as they’re being exposed to rain and sunlight. Frame decay might occur when your frames are exposed to moisture. In most cases, a decayed frame would lead to a leaky window as moisture would easily penetrate the windows through the decayed frame. Once you see that your frames are getting decay and your windows are leaking, that’s an indication that it’s time to replace the windows.

3. When you need to cut down energy bills

There are several types of windows of which some produces more heat than others. If it happens that you have improperly installed or worn windows in your home, your energy bills would go higher especially during winter. As such, replacing these windows with energy-efficient ones will reduce your heating and cooling bills. In order to reduce the energy cost of your home, it is advisable to replace the old ones with new, energy-efficient ones.

4. When you’re not happy with the look

This reason is a bit personal. We all have tastes and choices. If it happens that you’re not happy with your present windows, maybe they’re old-fashioned or not looking too attracting again, you can consider replacing them with new ones that’ll suit your taste. At Preferred Home Improvements, we can help you select the best windows for your home with proper installation.

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