At Preferred Home Improvements, we got you covered in choosing the best windows for your home. Here are the popular types of windows available:

1. Double and single hung windows

Double and single hung windows are the most popular replacement windows available. They’re the traditional style of windows as they’re found in most houses. For a single hung window, the upper sash is stagnant while the lower sash can move up and down, while for double hung windows, the upper and lower sash can move.
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2. Sliding windows

As the name suggests, sliding windows can be slide towards the right and left. A sliding window has two sections of which one can be slide over the other to open.

3. Hopper windows

Hopper windows open from the top and they’re mostly used in bathroom and basements. They’re known for providing insulation. Hopper windows are perfect to get appropriate ventilation in a small enclosed room.

4. Storm windows

Storm windows are installed in the exterior part of your window box. Storm windows also have two sections with a layer of blocking for heat loss. This type of window is perfect for cold weather.

5. Round windows

As the name suggests, Round windows take the shape of a circle of oval. They are historical type of decors that beautifies home and help your home get that gorgeous appearance you desire.

6. Jalousie windows

Jalousie windows are quite uncommon among homes, they’re extremely unique. This window style takes the form of slat or glass arrangement. Jalousie windows open as a set of blinds and also close the same way.

7. Bow and Bay windows

Bay windows usually consist of three windows positioned at 25-45 degrees angles, while Bow windows consist of 3, 4 or 5 windows positioned at 10 or 15 degrees angles. They are both beautiful and economically great though bow windows are quite expensive compared to bay windows. Both style of windows are perfect for homeowners who want their windows to protrude from an exterior wall.

8. And many more

Other types of windows available include Awning Windows, Casement Windows, Glass Block Windows, Egress Windows, Casement Windows, etc.

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